Common Questions About Classes

Availability and costs

They will be available at least once a month.

Cost for the 1 day course is $295/ attendee in the lower 48 states. Minimum of 15 and maximum of 50 attendees.

The course can be taught at most locations.

The 1 day course will be available at least once a month at various locations depending on interest.

For the 2 day hands on course, the cost per attendee will vary depending on travel to the location of the course.

$800 to $1,495 per attendee.

The 2 day course will only be available for those who have taken the 1 day preliminary course.

Max attendance for the 2 day course will be 12, as every student will be receiving individual attention.

The 2 day hands on course will be available starting in July.

Closer proximity to Minnesota may be cheaper.

As these courses will have the option for the course to come to them, it will depend on how many miles the mock ups and equipment will be traveling.

From there, it will be up to the people to decide if it is in their best interests to travel to the courses; or pay more for the courses to come to them, and save the costs on traveling etc.

Questions to answer when inquiring about the training.

1- Are you interested in either hosting a course at your facility, or attending a course at another facility?

2- What state(s)?

3- Approximately how many people would you be interested in having attended?